Aaso Vad 12
Also called Bachch Baras

Because on this day Thakurji showed Brahmaaji one of his leelas. Earlier when Brahmaaji was on his Parikrama of Vraj Choryaasi Kos, at that time

near Cheer Ghaat, in a place called Bachch Van he saw Shri Krishna grazing his cows, behaving like a common gwaal. So, a question rised in his

mind that how he could be the almighty. So, in order to test Shri Krishna's power, he then took away all the calves and the gop balaks and

disappeared away with them to Brahmalok and kept them in an inert stage. After one year he decided to go to the same place to see what

Krishna had done in the meanwhile. To his utter surprise he was astonished to find that Krishna was still grazing cows along with the similar

calves and the gop balaks and there was no change in his day-to-day activities. His disappearance with Krishna's cows, gwaals etc. had not in any

way cause any upheaval and no routine of vraj or Krishna was disturbed. He did not understand how this happened. He then went into

meditation which was when he opened his inner vision and thereby saw Shri Krishna in each and every one i.e. the cows, calves, gop balaks etc.

Because of this experience he was greatly humbled and thereby realising his mistake prostrated before the lord and started singing his praises.

What happened exactly was, when Brahmaaji disappeared with the calves and the gop balaks, Shri Thakurji himself assumed their forms. Hence,

nobody in vraj suspected anything amiss. After experiencing this leela of  lord, Brahmaaji returned the cows, calves and baalaks in their original

forms back to the lord. The place where this incident took place is still present in vraj till date. Since, Brahmaaji was a 4 faced divine entity the

village is named after him as
Chowmuhaa, which after years of usage is now called Chaamaa.

When Brahmaaji disappeared with the calves and the lord assumed the form of the calves  and went to the cows for nurturing, the cows nurtured

them with more love than before. Seeing such an act of the cows and calves, Baldevji / Balraamji felt an attraction towards them. He then

perceived through his inner vision and found the reason for such an attraction. He found all the calves to be none other than Shri Krishna. When

he asked the lord the reason, the lord informed him of Brahmaaji's antics. Baldevji became furious and prepared himself to attack Brahmaaji.

But, the lord stopped him sayin that, 'during Ram Avtaar many women in Ayodhya secretly desired to have Shri Ram as their son. The lord

promised to fulfil their wishes and so all of them were reborn in Krishna avatar as cows and lord Shri Krishna fulfilled their wishes as their


This leela was therefore enacted by Shri Krishna himself and Brahmaaji had no power to challenge the lord in such a manner. So, Shri Krishna

asked Baldevji to forgive Brahmaaji.

Todays Vastra - yellow zari
                                        Cheera Chajjedaar, Thada Vastra geen.

On Shrimastak
                                                 and ornaments are of emerald.

The main bhog -
Mevaa Baati.

The Chandarvaa, the Curtains , the torans all according to festival.
Aaso Vad 12 - Bachch Baaras
Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki
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