Aaso Vad 15 (Amaavasya) - Diwali
Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki
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Kartik (vraj), Aaso Vad Amaas

Last day of the Dark Fortnight of Ashwin Month , i.e. New moon Day.

Today Vastra is of White Zari Chaakdaar Vaagha, Kuleh White in Zari, Patka, Suthan Red.

On Shri mastak 5 Chandrikaa Jod, Thadavastra Aamrasi(Mango Yellow),  Jadaau Choti (Choti studded with jewels), and Red Pitaambar, Hamel. Shringaar is

heavy and Dohra (2 layered).

The main Bhog on this day is Manohar(made of Maida and choritha).In Raajbhog  Chaaswada , Bilsaaru, Chana ki daal, Bhujena(different type of bhajyas),

Shaak Sandhana, Kheer, Dahi,etc and all the bhog with Sakhdi and Ansakhdi are also offered .


The people of Vraj tried to dispel the darkness of this night by making offerings of lamps lit in the Mansi Ganga .They experienced a very beautiful

environment due to the divine presence of the prabhu .They had never experienced anything like this before. The way in which the little lamps conquer

the darkness with their light but are not vain because of their victory, similarly in the presence of Shree Shyam Sundar . Every Bhakts soul is glowing and his

Soul is of enthusiasm. This Enthusiasm unlike an ordinary enthusiasm is clearly uncompareable. It is as though with the auspicious hands of Shree Thakorji .

This row of Lamps is lit in the Bhakts Soul. When it so happens how could  darkness prevail in its inner most corner. Where Trust prevails, there presides

the Lord.

The Nand Nandan is today seated in the
Hatadi (Market by Nandrani) , and each and every Vraj jan receives Prasad from Shree Shyam Sundar himself.

Anything one describes one gets, and it is given by none other than Lord. Here one could feel the presence of the Lord as one in different perspectives.

Where ever one saw, one could feel and see the importance of the Lord's Leela. The Lord called each and every Vraj Bhakts personally by their names and

distributed different things with his own hands.During such distribution of Prasad the Lord Simultaneously was also gaining their desires according to their

capacity(Quality of fitness),(Patrata). (shree Thakorji along with the Gopbalaks go to the cowshed to invite the cows for next days Goverdhan Pooja which

would be performed in Nandalay before Annakoot.)This  is called Kaanjagaai and in Pushtimarg Vallabhkul Balak along with Kirtaniyas follow the same


Whenever Roopchaturdashi  and Diwali happen to fall on the same day then the Prabhu is adorned with shringar of Diwali and the Abhyang of Diwali is

also given to the Prabhu on the same day.

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