Ashad Sud Chath (6)

Tritiya Griha Nidhi Swaroop
Shri Dwaarikadheeshji's Patotsav.

Kasumba Chath
was first celebrated by Shri Giridhraji for Shri Thakurji, to welcome the rainy season.

Also, this day is known as the day when the celebration of Utsavs in Pushtimarg was started.

So, Kasumba Chath is the first celebrated Utsav of Pushtimarg.

From the viewpoint of our Sampraday as well as Literature, the season of rains is considered as the one filled with love, which is why it is considered as

first in manoraths.

Also the colour of Anuraag (love) is red, so, on this auspicious day the clothes (vastra) and pichwai adorned to Shri Thakurji are red in colour.

The peacock starts dancing and singing, the clouds thunder, lightning occurs and light rain starts pouring from this day. Prabhus zhanki (darshan) in the

lightning appears to be even more beautiful and blissful.

" Param Krupaal Shri Vallabh Nandan "

On this day Shri Gusaijis virah had come to an end and after 6 months he entered in the Seva of Prabhu. (Paush Sud 6 - Ashad Sud 6)

Shri Krishnadas Adhikariji had stopped Shri Gusaiji from entering in Shriji's Seva. Aapshri then spent these days of virah at Chandrasarovar and experienced

intense virah-taap,
"virahaagni". In the days of virah Shri Gusaiji used to do darshan of Shriji from a long distance i.e. through the window of Shriji's Nij

mandir which was seen from Chandrasarovar.

It was this day i.e. Kasumba Chath when Shri Gusaiji returned in Shriji's Seva after 6 months, when Shri Krishnadas Adhikariji was put behind the bars by the


But when Shri Gusaiji came to know about it he felt very dejected and said that he would not even take a drop of water until Shri Krishnadasji was made

free from jail
. Aapshri said that Shri Krishnadasji was Shri Mahaprabhuji's sevak and such behaviour with him was not at all tolerable.

That is why Shri Gusaiji is known as
"Param Dayaal" (Extremely Merciful).

Then, after being freed from jail, Shri Krishnadasji sang the following kirtan:

Shri Vallabh nandan (Shri Vallabh's son) Shri Gusaiji is very graceful who keeps his hand on the head of the daivi jeevs (divine people) and make them

fearless from the illusory kalikaal. Aapshri showed the daivi jeevs the path to attain the lord and took them to Shri Govardhandhar and handed them over to


Shri Gusaiji is very much generous, wise and always engrossed in thinking about daivi jeevs kalyan and saves all the daivi jeevs who have fallen into the

flowing vicious sansaar (relations). It is said by Shri Krishnadasji to all the daivi jeevs that if they always be devoted to Shri Vitthalnathji Shri Gusaiji or keep

themselves refuged to Shri Gusaiji's Sharan, then all their work will be accomplished without any problem i.e. easily.

Note: Till date, this kirtan is sung affectionately by the vaishnavs while performing aarti of Vallabhkul balaks.

Seva Prakaar

From this day all the colourful clothes are adorned to Prabhu.

All the saaj is red coloured, Vastra is red malmal Pichoda, chajjedar paag and sada chandrika and the ornaments are medium. Thada vastra is white.

Also on this day Manohar, Boondi, Jalebi, Shaak, Bhujana, Boondi Chaas, Fried Beej, Sandhana, Chaas vada, Dahi Rice, Sikhran Bhaat etc are adorned to


After Utthapan bhog
Prabhu is seated in the Red Tui ka Bangla along with kunj of banana leaves (kel stambh).

In evening bhog Makhan Wada, Maida Poori, brinjal bhujana, mango bilsaru, brinjal bharta, are specially offered to Prabhu along with the daily bhog


Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki

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Ashad Sud 6 - Kasumba Chath
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Laal Maai Baandhe Kasumbi Paag,

Kasumbi Chadi Haath Mein Liye, Bheej Rahe Anuraag---------------(1)

Kasumbohi Kati, Banyo Hai Pichora, Kasumbi Uparna,

Kasumbi Baat Kahat Radhaso, Kasumbe Bane Dou Nayana----------(2)

Harit Bhoomi Yamuna Tat Thaade, Gaavat Raag Malhaar,

"Shri Vitthal Giridharan" Chabilo, Shyaam Ghata Anuhaar---------- (3)

Kitan - Raag Kanhro

Param Krupaal Shri Vallabh Nandan, Karat Kripa Nij Hast De Maathe,
Je Jan Sharan Aaye Anusarhi, Grahi Sonpat Shri Govardhan Naathe---------- (1)

Param Udaar Chatur Chintaamani, Raakhat Bhav Dhaara Bahyo Jaat,
Bhaj "Krishnadas" Kaaj Sab Sarhin, Jo Jaane Shri Vitthalnath------------------- (2)
Kirtan - Kasumba Chath

Raag Malhaar
Kirtan - Varsha Ritu

Raag Gaud Malhaar
Ghoom Ghoom Ghata Aai, Jhoom Jhoom Lata Rahi,
Bhoomi Hariyaari Laage, Subhag Suhaai,

Tahaan Baithe Piypyaari, Bhushan Chabi Nyaari Nyaari,
Mukhki Ujiyaari Maano, Chandani Si Chaayi---------------(1)

Tananana Tananana Taan Let, Pyaari Kar Taal Det,
Gaavat Malhaar Raag, Ati Man Bhaai,

Shri Vitthal Giridhaarilal, Lakhi Mohi Brajki Baal,
Reejh Reejh Rahe Dou, Kanth Laptaai----------(2)

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