(Vraj Vaishakh) Chaitra Vad 11


Andhra Pradesh is one of the states in Southern India. The river Krishna flows here.

To the Southern side of Krishna River lies a village called

This village was the place where Shri Vallabh's ancestors dwelled and who were

Brahmin of Telang Kul.

His Ancestors were Somyajis (those who perform Somyagna). Yagya Narayan Bhatt

was a very learned man belonging to this Telang Kul. He had acquired immense wealth.

He wanted to do a good deed by which his entire Telang Kul would be benefited spiritually.

So thinking, he called forth a meeting of all the learned Pandits well versed in all this Vedas and

decided to perform a
Somyagna. Such a good deed was well received by the celestial beings and

divine voice spoke from the Agni Kund. The voice announced that since Somyagna was performed

with such pious intention Shri Yagna Narayan Bhatt was himself the personification of the Ved. The voice further blessed his Telang Kul saying that after

the completion of 100 such Somyagna,
Shri Krishna will himself incarnate in his Kul as Shri Vallabhacharya thereby making the Kul a very divine and pious


After this, Yagna Narayan Bhatt completed 32 Somyagnas in his life time. He had a son named Gangadharji Bhatt. He further continued performing the

Somyagnas and he completed 28 Somyagnas. After this Shri Ganpati Bhatt, son of Shri Gangadharji Bhatt performed 30 Somyagnas. He had a son very pious

and bright akin to the sun and called Vallabh Bhatt. He performed 5 Somyagna. He had a son named Laxman Bhatt, he married
Illamagaruji. He completed 4

Somyagna. When he was in the process of starting the fifth Somyagna, a divine voice announced that by the divine grace of God, since their Kul was

completing 100 Somyagna, Lord Shri Krishna will be incarnated as his Son.


The 100th Somyagna was finally completed successfully and to celebrate the same

Shri Laxman Bhattji along with his wife went to Kashi Banaras and there he offered food to 1.25 lakh Brahmins
. At that time there erupted some violence in

those territories and because of this Kashi Naresh told Laxman Bhattji and his family to go Southwards and not stay any longer in Kashi. Thus Laxman Bhattji

along with Smt. Illamagaruji reached
Champarnya in Madhya Pradesh. Because of the strain of too much traveling Smt. Illamagaruji could not hold onto her

pregnancy and gave birth to a premature baby. Thinking, the baby to be lifeless, she wrapped it in a cotton cloth and kept it in the hollow of a tree (choker)

and covered it with leaves to protect it from carnivorous animals
. They then proceeded ahead in the darkness. After traveling for some time they received

news that every thing had become normal and the terrorist vanquished so they decided to go back. Again they came to the place near the river.

To their utter surprise they saw a huge

In the centre of the Agnikund, they saw a new born baby merrily swaying his hands and legs.

Illamagaruji looked at the baby, she knew for sure that it was her child.

The wall of the fire around the baby gave way as she approached to lift the baby in her arms.

The baby or the child was SHRI VALLABH. This incidence took place in the year 1478, (V.S.) 1535.

Shri Vallabh's incarnation or birth therefore is celebrated on Chaitra Vad 11.

He was born in

As soon as the mother lifted the baby, Shri Vallabh in her arms, flower petals were rained on the child by the celestial beings.

And all around, there was "Jai Jai kar". 


When Shri Gargacharyaji saw his JanamKundali , he was full of praise for Shri Vallabh. He predicted that Shri Vallabh was the Sakshat Pragatya of Shri

Thakorji's Mukharvind.
And therefore he would have many names to his credit. He would always strive for the betterment of the jeev. He would be the

propounder of Bhakti Marg. All the Teerth (holy places) would again regain their divine powers just by Vallabh visiting them. He would be famous by the

name of Shri Vallabh. He will be one of the lives of many people.
Shri Vallabh was first given the sacred "Gayatri Mantra Diksha" in the thread ceremony conducted when he was five years old. He later learnt Grammer and

learnt Law from him. He then went to Kashi. He learnt the Bhagvad and Geeta from Madhavendra Yati.

In his childhood Shri Vallabh didn't play with toys like the ordinary children but liked to play with
idols of Shri Krishna or his father's books. From a very

small age he was very bright. He completed the study of all the four vedas,the upanishads and the six darshans(philosophies) at a very tender age.

He defeated many a learned scholar on the banks of river Ganga and thereby came to be known by the name of
Baal Saraswati.

He further elaborated that in this world, three 'Kuls' would be considered sacred.




Shri Vallabh always had with him :

1) Kamandal, 2) Paavdi, 3) Dand, 4) Darbhasan and 5) Shri Bhagvadji.

He revered the Bhagvad during his trip around India, he used to do Bhagvad Parayan whenever he decided to stay at a place for more than a day. There are

84 such posting places throughout India where Shri Mahaprabhuji has done Bhagvad Parayan--such places today are called
Shri Vallabh's Baithakji.


In Jagganathpuri there was a debate going on amongst Pandit as to which Epic (Shastra), Dev (God), Mantra (Holy Name) and duty of human is correct and

accepted by the Vedas.
No decision was reached and the pandits were arriving amongst themselves. Vallabh arrived and spoke amidst such a situation. He

convinced the pandits that the correct answer only the Lord Jaggannathji could give. So saying, in front of all the people he slided a blank paper and pen

inside the sanctum sanctorum
. After some time the paper again slided back to where the people were waiting expectantly. The answer was given by Shri

Jaggannathji himself. It said that,
"The main Epic is the one told by Shri Thakorji himself ie: Bhagvad Geeta. The main God is Shri Krishna uttering His name

constantly is the mantra and doing his seva (Krishna's) is the main duty. "

Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki

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Chaitra Vad 11 - Shri Vallabhacharyaji Shri Mahaprabhuji's Utsav
Akhand Bhoomandalaacharya Jagadguru
Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji
Shri Mahaprabhuji
Divine Fire giving way to Mother Illamagaruji to lift Baby Shri Vallabh
(In background - Shri Lakshmanbhattji with Theerdas and Little Damodardas Harsaniji having darshan of Shri Vallabh's Alaukik Prakatya)

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