Kartik Sud 12 - Utsav of Shri Giridharji and Shri Raghunathji
Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki
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Today Vastra is Red Gherdaar Vaaghaa, on Shri Mastak is Sehraa and at both side of Sehraa, Moti ke Katra is donned.

Thaadi Chotiji, Jadaau(jewel studded) kundal, in Charanaarvind are Mojaaji. Thaadaa Vastra is green. Shringaar is of Vanmaalaa.


Shri Raghunathji is the 5th son of Shri Vitthalnathji(ShriGusainji). He was born in the year 1554 A.D.

(samvat 1611) at Charnat near Varanasi.
Shri Raghunathji had five sons.

From the childhood itself he had a lot of Aasakti on Prabhu as well as Shri Vallabh and Shri Gusainji.

Shri Raghunathji had an exceptional kripa of his Grandfather Shri Vallabhacharyaji, which is quite

evident in the following vaartaa.

Vaartaa Prasang 1 :

When Shri Raghunathji was 5 years old, once, shri Gusainji told him, "Manjushaam Aanay",

(which means - bring the box). But, Shri Raghunathji did not understand the aagnaa of his father, as he told it in sanskrit. So, after going inside, he started

crying. Such a situation of Shri Raghunathji was not bareable by Shri Vallabh. Hence, Shri Vallabh himself appeared in front of Shri Raghunathji and told

him to take the box and gave him aashirvaad .Shri Raghunathji was then endowed with the knowledge of Sanskrit language, and he came outside with the

box, as well as composed
"Naamratnaakya Stotra" (108 names of Shri Gusainji), on the spot.

Seeing this, everyone present over there were surprised and embraced Shri Raghunathji.

Such was the Kripa of Shri Vallabh on Shri Raghunathji.

But, this incident, changed the usage of language in Pushtimarg.

Shri Nathji told Kaakaaji(Shri Gusainji), that he is very fond of "Vraj Bhaashaa", and make use of it in Pushtimarg Seva prakaar.

Shri Gusainji ackowledge this aagnaa of Shri Nathji and made Vraj Bhaashaa the prime language in Pushtimarg.

Later he wrote teekaa (commentries) on the Shodash Granthas (The 16 principal writings of Shri Vallabh), Purushottam Sahastranam, etc. He wrote more

than 20 books.

Vaartaa Prasang 2 :

Every morning, after getting up, Shri Raghunathji would open his eyes only after, he was infront of his father Shri Gusainji, till then he would keep his eyes

closed. One morning when he was going to the darshan of Shri Gusainji with closed eyes, his head smashed into a pillar and he started bleeding.

Seeing this Shri Gusainji took Shri Raghunathji in his hands.

Then afterwards Shri Gusainji made a portrait of himself and gave it to Shri Raghunathji and told him to do darshan of that drawing in the morning.

This vaartaa shows Shri Raghunathji's love and dedication towards Shri Gusainji.

Vaartaa Prasang 3 :

During the marriage of Shri Raghunathji, Shri Nanddasji along with his brother Shri Tulsidsji, came to Gokul.

At that moment, Shri Raghunathji and Janki Vahuji, were taking Feraa's.

Shri Nanddasji bowed  to Shri Gusainji and the couple. But Shri Tulsidasji said, "Tulsi Mastak Tab Name, Jab Dhanush Baan Ho Haat". (Shri Tulsidasji was a

staunch devotee of Shri Ram. He only bowed in front of Shri Ram).

Shri Gusainji understood what Shri Tulsidasji meant and then, he saw Shri Raghunathji and nodded.

Shri Raghunathji took the form of Shri Ram(with Bow and Arrow) and Shri Janki Vahuji as Shri Sita ji, gave darshan to Shri Tulsidasji.

Seeing this Shri Tulsidasji was surprised, thrilled and bowed in front of them.

So, this vaartaa, shows the kripa of Shri Raghunathji and also reveals that he was the
Saakshaat Avataar of Shri Ram.

His nick name was "Shri Ramchandraji".
Pancham kumar Shri Raghunathji

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