Kartik Sud 2 - Bhai Dooj
Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki
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This day is also called as 'Bhai Beej' or 'Yam Dwitiya'. The PRABHU visits His sister Subhadraji's house on this day.

On this day Shri Yamunaji has obtained a boon from her brother Yamraaj that any devotee of hers who drinks her water on this day should be spared the

travails of death or suffering at the time of death
and thereby making them fearless of death.

It is said that when at the invitation of his sister Shri Yamunaji, Yamraaj went to her house on Kartik Sud Beej for lunch; he was very much impressed by the

welcome and love of his sister. He was so pleased that he wished to grant her a boon. Knowing his desire to grant her a boon, Shri Yamunaji said to him the

following- ' Oh! Brother, since you seemed to be pleased with me, I ask you to come to my house on this day for lunch and on this day pardon all the

people who have knowingly or unknowingly sinned and grant happiness to those who eat food at the hands of their sister and for those who take bath in

my waters. Grant them the boon that they never have to see gory vision of Yamlok when it is time for them to exit this world.'

Yamraaj agreed to grant this boon and saying 'So be it' took leave of his sister and went back to his place. From that day onwards, this day has assumed

importance in all the three worlds and is supposed to be very auspicious. On this day lakhs of devotees take bath in Yamunaji at Mathura every year.


The Pushti Vaishnavs do not take a bath in Yamunaji either to absolve themselves of their sins nor for escaping the travails of death. They bathe because

of 'Smara shrama Jalanubhi, Sakala Gaattrajai sangama' which means after Raas when the PRABHU along with his group bathed in Shri Yamnaji thereby

granting her the oppurtunity of taking part in the Raas, at such time the perspiration that emerged on Shreeji got mixed with Yamunaji. On this day

keeping this bhavana in mind, even if the Pushti Vaishnavs touch the water to eyes and heart, it is considered equivalent to Snan.


On this day, the Shreeji is given an Abhyang.

Vastra of the day is Lal Jari with golden flowers Gherdar Vastra, Suthan Red, Patka Kesari with golden border, Gol paag, Saada Chandrika, Peethikha

is white.  Ornamants are made of Paana. On the Shri Mastak, the Katra is also made of Paana (emeralds) and the loom made of fine emeralds.

Before Bhog is offered Tilak, Akshat should be done and two beedas offered and thali ki aarti should be done. On this day, Jhariji of the PRABHU should be

filled with Yamunaji's jal.


Raag Sarang

Bhai Dooj Janike Jasumati, Madan Gopal Hi Ubati Nhvaavat,

Cheeraa Haryo Laal Vaago, Pat Bhushan Sabain Pehraavat-----------------------(1)

Seet Kaal Aagam Ke Karan, Kari Shringaar Puni Bhog Dharaavat,

Raajbhog Dhari Karat Aarti, Dwaarkesh Darsan Ko Aavat-------------------------(2)

Raag Sarang

Dwij Diwaari Ko Hari Haldhar Bahani Subhadraa ke Ghar Aaye,

Maathe Tilak banyo Kumkum Ko Laagat Param Suhaaye-------------------------(1)

Madhu Meva Pakwaan Mithaai, Vyanjan Kiye Bahut Man Bhaaye,

Aaskaran Prabhu Mohan Naagar, Hari Ko Bahu Vidhi Laad Ladaaye------------(2)

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Smara Shrama Jalaanubhi Sakala Gaattrajai Sangama

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