Kartik Sud 8 - Gopashtami
Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki
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Kartak sud aatham(8). Today is the day of immense celebration in Vraj. Today Yashodaji awakens up earlier than usual in the morning because she is so

happy that
Shri Krishna will be taking his cows for grazing in the jungle for the first time. She has to ready him up for this at the auspicious time given to

her by Rishi Gargacharya.

Yashodaji goes about her chores singing happily. She bathes Shri Krishna and while bathing him advises him as to how to go and graze the cows. She urges

him to have bath faster than usual, saying that Dau Bhaiya is already up and ready. She also says that the Gwal-Baal will also be at the door any minute and

now she asks him not to waste time.

She bathes Him and adorns him with new clothes. On his waist she ties the Kachni. On his forehead she ties a a Mukut. On his ears Kundal and on his head

she makes him wear the Cheera paag which is embellished with precious stones. She also adorns him with Uparna and Vaijayanti Mala. She wants Him to

be the best dressed amongst all. She puts a black blanket on his shoulders and gives a stick in his hand. The PRABHU himself tucks his Flute in his waist

band. After adorning Him with ornaments, she feels that Krishna should not fall prey to the evil eyes of any one so she puts a black tikka on his cheek to

avoid the evil eyes. When she is in the process of dressing up the PRABHU, the Gwal-Baal with their cows and cattle arrive at her doorstep ready to leave

for the jungle with Shri Krishna.

Yashodaji then calls for Shridama and Balramji and advises him to take care of Krishna. She urges them to take proper care and see that since it is the first

time he is going for grazing in the jungle, He does not lose his way. She also tells them that since he feels hungry often, she has packed snacks and given it

to him and tells them to see that he eats them when he is hungry. She tells them that they should teach him how to graze the cattle. She urges them to

come home on time in the evening and not get late. Since it is the first day of cattle grazing, Krishna should not be left alone even for a second.

Then the Gwal-Baal along with Thakorji move towards the jungle. When they reached the jungle, seeing green grass everywhere, the cows ran here and

there and the cowherds ran after them to make them stay together. At that time Prabhu played on his flute. Hearing his Venunaad, the cows lifted their

ears and came and stood towards the PRABHU. Seeing this leela of Shri Krishna, all the Gwaal were very happy and started praising the PRABHU.

Afterwards, Shri Krishna and Balramji sat under the Kadam tree and ate their snacks to their hearts content. The cows started grazing nearby and he made

all the cowherds tensionfree. Then as the evening started approaching, the PRABHU again played his flute whereby all the cows flocked to him. Thus along

with the cows and the Gwal-Baal, they returned home where Yashodaji was waiting with the aarti. After performing the aarti, she looked lovingly at

Krishna and asked him how his first day at the jungle was and did he feel scared.
This is the Pratham Gowcharana of Shree Thakorji. This is GOPASHTAMI.

The PRABHU grazed his cows at Terkadam, on this day with the expectation of having the darshan of PRABHU on the day along with the cows, the devotees

go to the Gowshaala and offer Laddoo and Thuli to the cows.


Raag  Bilawaal                                                    

Pratham Gocharan Chale Kanhaai,

Mathe Mukut Pitambar Ki Chabi, Vanmala pehraai---------------------(1)

Kundal Shravan Kapol Birajat, Sundertaa Bani Aayi,

Ghar Ghar Te Sab Chaak Let Hain, Sang sakhaa sukhdaai---------------(2)

Aage Dhenu Haank Sab Leenee, Paache Murli Bajaai,

Parmanand Prabhu Manmohan, Vrajbaasin Surat Karaai--------------(3) 

Raag  Poorvi

Aage Gaay Paache Gaay, Ith Gaay Uth Gaay, Govindko Gaayan Mein, Basvo Hee Bhaave,

Gaayan Ke Sang Dhaave, Gaayan Mein Sachu Paave, Gaayan Ki Khur Renu, Anga Laptaave---------------(1)

Gaayan Saun Braj Chhaayo, Vaikunth bisraayo, Gaayan Ki Het Giri, Kar le Uthaaye,

CheetSwaami Giridhaari, Vitthalesh Vapudhaari, Gwaariya Ko Bhekh Dharen, Gaayan mein aave........(2)

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The cows represent the Vraj Bhakts.  Just like the Vraj Bhakts the cows also have kohl(kaajal)-rimmed eyes. When the Thakorji plays the flute the Vrajjan

keep aside whatever they are doing and concentrate only on the melodious music falling on their ears and forget everything else. Similarly the cows

forget their grazing and lift their cup shaped ears and drink in the sweet notes of the flute with utmost concentration since the cows represent the Vraj

Bhakts, the PRABHU is very fond of them. So any seva done of the cows, the PRABHU considers it to be the seva of the Vraj Bhakta and is greatly pleased.

Hence even seva of the cows should form a part of our nitya seva.


Todays Vastra is that of
Mukut- Kaachni.

The lower layer of the Kaachni is green and upper layer is red. The choli is of Meghshyam colour. A small
Gokarna is to be placed on the Mukut. The

Peetambar is of red colour and the Peethika vastra is white in colour. Ornaments are of Diamond and Pearls. The Shriji should be adorned with the

The Vetra(Lakut) remains in upright position on the arms of Shriji today in Sandhya Aarti.

Today, Kunwara is offered. After Shringaar a mandir vastra is done near the throne / Singhasan. Then make a boundary with turmeric and then place the

Kunwara within it. 10 big pots should be smeared with turmeric paste. Two of them filled with Dahi- Bhaat, two filled with Sheera, two with Paatiyaa ki

, two with Sanjaab ki kheer, two Sev Ke Laddoo and Mathadi.

Courtesy : Pancham Peethadheeshwar Shri Vallabhacharyaji Maharajshri
Aage Gaay Paache Gaay, Ith Gaay Uth Gaay,
Govindko Gaayan Mein, Basvo Hee Bhaave

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