Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki

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Maha Sud 4 - Shri Damodardasji's Utsav
MAHA SUD 1-4 (4)

On all the first four days of this month Shreeji is donned with zari-vastra of different colours.



Raag Sarang

Aaj Badhayo Mangal Chaar,

Maagh Maas Shukla Choth Hai, Hast Nakshatra Ravivar--------------------(1)

Prem Sudha Sagar Ras Pragatyo, Anand Badhyo Apaar,

Daas Rasikjan Jaay Balihari, Sarvasva Diyo Vaar-----------------------------(2)

Raag Sarang

Pragate Bhakt Shiromani Raai,

Maagh Maas Shukla Choth, Adhik Lok Nidhi Aai-------------------(1)

Daivi Jeev Ke Bhagya Uday Bhaye, Jin Yah Darshan Paai,

Kari Karuna Prabhu Bhootal Aaye, Pushti Path Pragataai--------(2)

Maha Mahotsav Hot ---------------

Rasik Daas Chitt Yehi Chaahat Hai, Charan Kamal Man Laai-----(3)

Damodardasji was born to Yashoda and Theerdas in Samvat 1531 on the 4th day of the bright fortnight of the month Maha. He was born at  Vardha.

As long as Vallabh resided on Earth Damodardasji never had a separate residence. His residence had always been at the lotus feet of Shree Vallabh.

He was the youngest of the children of Theerdas. He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Soon after his birth his mother died leaving him to be

brought up by his father. He was so attached to his father that even a seconds separation was unbearable for him. Once his father decided to go on a

pilgrimage leaving Damodardasji with his brothers. He became inconsolable and went on crying. At night in his dreams Theerdas was ordered by the Lord

to take Damodardasji along with him  to Champaran and warned him saying his pilgrimage would be incomplete if he would not take Damodardasji along

with him and went to Champaran.

On Chaitra Vad 11 Vallabh incarnated on this Earth at Champaran. Damodardasji glimpsed the face of Shri Vallabh and was lost to the world. He became

immensely attracted to this Devine Entity and forgot his very existence and became completely immersed in this embodiment of love. After such a

darshan, even though he went back to his home, he could not be at peace with himself. His heart was filled with the divinity, grace and image of Shri


In the samvat 1545 Damodardasji's father attained the lotus feet of the Lord. At that time Damodardasji was only 14 years of age. At the time of division

of property when he was asked what he wanted, he replied that he wanted nothing. But his brothers gave him a house that was on the side of the main

road. It was at the window of this house that Damodardasji would sit for hours on end, his eyes glued towards the road as if expecting someone to

appear before him. His mind had thoughts only of Shri Vallabh.

After samvat 1546 and before samvat 1547 Shri Vallabh appeared on this very road. The longing with which Damodardasji was expecting to see him was

fulfilled and he just jumped from the window and prostrated before Shri Vallabh.
The ever benevolent gaze of Shri Vallabh enveloped Damodardasji in a

shower of love and spoke to him in a very loving voice and asked him "Damla, tu aayvo?" (meaning- Damla, you have come?)

This incidence was the turning point of Damodardasji's life, because from that day onwards he never parted ways from Shri Vallabh. Till the time when

Shri Vallabh left this World, he was always with him.
Shri Damodardasji coming to Shri Vallabh's Sharan

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