Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki

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Maha Vad (7) Saatam - Vraj Phaagun Vad (7) Saatam

This day is celebrated as Shrinathji's Patotsav. This is so, when Shri Gusaiji was on a tour of states outside vraj, the Shriji expressed his desire of coming

and accepting the seva of all the balaks of Shri Gusaiji, Bahuji and Betiji's at Shri gusaiji's residence
to Shri Giridharji. Bowing to Shriji's wish and taking it

to be Shriji's command, Shri Giridharji readied a new "Rath". Shriji was then welcomed to Shri Gusaiji's residence at Satghara. Since this was the first time

that Shriji was stepping in Shri Gusaiji's house, this day is remembered and celebrated as

The lord Shriji gave the first darshan to the vrajvasis in the samvat 1464 on the 5th day of the bright

fortnight of the month Shravan. This day is celebrated as "Naag panchmi". On this day only the

"Left arm" of Shriji was visible to the vrajvasis. Then the vrajvasis performed pooja of this

"Urdhva Bhujaa - left arm" with milk, curd etc. and then continued for a long time.

In the samvat 1535 on the day of Chaitra Vad Ekadashi
Shriji's mukharvind appeared, became visible to

the vrajvasis and simultaneously in Champaranya Shri Vallabhacharyaji Shri Mahaprabhuji was born.

After 15 years when Shri Acharyaji was on a pilgrimage of "Prithvi Parikrama", on Faagun Vad 11 he

was in Jharkhand when he recieved a command from Shriji to come to vraj and do the needful whereby

the Seva of Shriji could be done properly by his devotees. Accordingly, Shri Vallabh constucted a

temple for Shriji and then made Shriji's swaroop seated there and adorned him with "Dhoti - Uparnaa,

Gunja maala and Paag Chandrika"
. He prepared Saamagri himself and filled the Jhariji and offered it to Shriji. This was a temporary arrangement. Later

on in accordance to Shriji's will "Puranmal Kshatriya" was ordered to make a temple and Puranmal fulfilled the Shriji's wish and constructed the temple

in which on Vaishakh Vad (3) Treej, Shriji's seva was started duly.


On this day the vastra is of Saffron colour (kesariya) Vaghaa Chaakdaar, Rooperi Kinari Kesari Patka, Paag, Loom ki Kalgi, Mor Chandrika ko Katra, Loom,

Karna phool 2 and Thada Vastra White.

Today, nearly after 108 days(from Dev Prabodhni to today), Shriji gives darshan of his Charnarvind as from today mojaji are removed.
Maha Vad 7 - Shrinathji's Patotsav
Shriji in Patotsav's Shringaar

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