Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki

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Seva Prakaar

Special offering on this day is sev ka ladoo. The Abhyang is done on this day.

Today's Vastra is white without any border.
White Vaghaa Gherdar, Thada Vastra Red, Khidki Paag and Saada Chandrika. Pichwaai is of white and pink

Chaapaa. Ornaments are of gold.
After the Raajbhog is offered, the Lord is indulged in the Game of colors. Today is a no-hold barred sort of game. In

the evening 2 chadi of flowers is kept near the Lord. If the utsav of Holi and Dol happens to fall on the same day, then the Abhyang is done a day earlier.

In Raajbhog, gud-ke-poodla is offered.

If there is a gap of one day between Holi and Dol then the Vastra of that day is of Chova Vaagha gherdar, gol paag etc.  
Phaagun Sud 15 - Holi
Holi Pradeepan

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