Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki

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This utsav is celebrated according to the placement or appearance of stars in a particular position in the sky. The day when Uttara Phalgun Nakshatra is

nearest to the Sun
, on such a day Dol is celebrated. On this day the Lord plays Holi with four types of Bhakts ie.
Nirgun, Saatvik, Rajas and Tamas. The

utsav of Dol was first performed in Jagdish Shetra or Jaggannath puri according to Shriji's wishes. By the then Raja (king) Raja Indradyumna. 

That is one of the reason why Dol Utsav has been incorporated as one of the utsavs to be celebrated in

Pushti Sampradaya.

In this utsav the star or Uttara Phalgun Nakshatra is of prime importance. The day when this Nakshatra rises

is the day when Dol Utsav is celebrated. If the Nakshatra rises on Poonam then it is celebrated on Poonam

or Full moon day, if it rises on Ekam or Dooj, then it is celebrated on that day.

Today the vastra is of Jaamdani with fine cotton astar (lining). The Wagha is gherdar, choli is of chova.

On Shri Mastak the paag is chaajedar and saada chandrika. Thada vastra is red and ornaments are of gold.

The shringar is upto the Charanaarvind.

Today's offering is Adad ke ladoo, sev, boondi, shakarpara, moong ki chooti dal, meva bhaat, shak, papad,

kachariya, bilsaru, bhujena and kheer. The Dol is prepared the previous night.

After Raajbhog Adhivasan of Dol is done. The dol is decorated with leaves of banana, mango, asopalav trees. Jhalar of the Dol is white in color.

The cloth within the Dol should also be white. To the accompaniment of Bells, blowing of the conch and sounding of musical instruments, the Shriji

along with gaadiji is seated within the Dol.
The Jhariji is then placed near the Dol adorn Shriji with a garland of flowers.

Potli of Abir and Gulal is placed near the Shriji. After swinging the Lord in the Dol and spraying Him with colors for a few minutes the
first Bhog is

immediately offered.
After the requisite seva is performed then again the Shriji gives the darshan. Again swing the Lord in the Dol and smear Gulaal,

Abir. There is a particular pattern in which the seva is performed.
First the swaroop or Shriji is smeared with colors. Thus the Gaadi, then Jhaalar and

then the Dol and then the Pichwaai is sprayed with colors.
Then the colors are sprayed from the Shriji's side towards the Bhakts. After sometime the

colors are again drawn and
second Bhog is offered. The time duration of the Khel and the quantity of the Bhog increases upto the 4th Bhog. Aarti is

performed after the 3rd Bhog
. After the curtains are drawn after the 4th Bhog the Shriji's Shringar is removed and He is then cleaned then completely with

a cloth dipped in hot water, so that all the colors are cleanly wiped away. He is then adorned with Red Gadal made of Jhari and on the Shri Mastak a kuleh

of red color is donned. And He is adorned with ornaments of diamonds and the Anosar is done.
Phaagun Vad 1 - Dolotsav
Shriji in Dolotsav's Shringaar
with Laalan birajmaan in Dol

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