Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki

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Shravan Sud 5 - Naag Panchmi
Shravan Sud 5

This day is called Naag Panchami. This is also the day on which Shriji decided to give Darshan to his Vraj Bhakts from his abode in the Giri Kandra. But he

only decided to give darshan of his left arm only. This was the first Darshan to his Vraj Bhakts in Kaliyug. He continued giving the darshan of his left arm for

nearly 70 years. Before this incidence, a cow belonging to the Kul of Nandbaba's Gowshala

was in the cowshed of Shri Sadu Pandeji. This cow used to climb up the mountain (Giriraj) daily

both in the morning and evening and release milk from her udders(than) at the hole where Shriji's

arm was visible. When the cowherd used to take to milking this particular cow she was always empty.

This made the cowherd always suspicious. He decided to follow her movements.

He could not believe his eyes on what he saw (i.e. the cow releasing her milk in the hole on top of the

Govardhan mountain) and came and told Sadu Pande of the strange happenings.

He called for all the senior members of the village for a meeting. It was decided that such a behaviour by

the cow indicated to the presence of either Wealth or God inside the hole. They all then decided to go and

see as to what it was. It was then that they had the Darshan of the Urdhva Bhuja(left arm) of the Lord.

Then the villagers started to bring their offerings and from that day this day is celebrated as Naag Panchami.

This incidence took place in the Samvat 1465.

This continued for upto 70 years. Then in the Samvat 1535 on Chaitr Sud 11, it being a Sunday in the afternoon Shriji's Mukharvind emerged from the

Kandra. The Vrajvasi's then started offering milk, curd, fruits etc.
Prabhu in Naag Panchmi's
Raag Malhaar

Nilambar Paher Tan Gore, Jhulat Surang Hindore,

Mani Maanik Hira Ratan Muktafal, Shobhit He Tan Gore ----------- (1)

Sud Tithi Naag Panchmi Din, Dayaal Daras Divo Jore,

Janm Divas Jaan Baldau Ko, Madan Mohan Kripa Kari Atore --------(2)

Jhulat Rang Badhyoju Paraspar, Jhulavan Mile Aay Chahu Ore,

Haridas Prabhuki Yah Shobha, Chitt Choryo In Nayanki Kore --------(3)
In Sarasvaat Kalp Shri Yashodaji undertook a saltless fast on this day to protect her brother from the evils of this world. Because of this Shri Thakorji also

decided to eat only sweet offerings on this day: Sev ni Kheer, Puva, Thuli, Farra.

Since doing Vrat for such a worldly cause is anyashray, the Lord being Dayalu decides to partake what is being made today at home thereby  turning it into his

offering and absolving his mother from the sins of  Anyashray.


Koyli Rang ke Pichoda and on the Shri Mastak - Chaggedar Paag.

Naag Phani ka Katra, Shir Pich, Shesh Phool loom, 4 Karna Phool. Shringar upto the knees, Kamal Daandi and Thada Vastra- Kesari.
At the time when Shriji's Mukharvind emerged from the Kandra, at that very time Shri Vallabh's pragatya took place in Champaranya, 3 other Devs also


They are:

1.Sankarshanji from Shankarshan Kund.

2.Daani Raiji from Daan Ghat.

3.Govindji from Govind Ghat.

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