Vaishak Sud 3

Vaishakh Sud 3 is also known as
AKHA TREEJ. It is the day when TRETA YUG was estabilshed.

Parshuram Jayanti is celebrated on this day.

Chandan Yatra starts on this Auspicious day.

The 2 month's seva starting from today is done by
Chaturth priya Shri Yamunaji's Bhaav.

As this day comes during extrermely hot summer,
Chandan (Sandal wood) and white coloured

and light vastra is adroned to Thakurji.
Chandan is mixed with 4 items - kesar, Kasturi, Kapur, and

Chova and is smeared on prabhu's shriang (body). Chandan is colour of Chandravaliji,

Kesar is colour of Swaminiji, Kapur is the colour of Yuthadhipati and Shri Lalitaji and chova is love of

Devotee's towards Shri Thakurji. Kasturi is the colour of the lord's swaroop and white vastra signifies

coolness and provides lord with ease in the summer season.

Kumkum and chandan is adroned to Thakurji by Priyaji on this auspious day and with this bhavna we adorne the prabhu with kumkum and chandan.

Chandan must be applied on the kapol (forehead) and on the Vaksha (chest) of prabhu.

The bhavna behind this is that, by applying Chandan and kumkum to the prabhu, it provides
coolness to the Virah agni of the devotee of being away from

the lord for thousands of years.


Chandarva and background and all the saaj should be white coloured with kesari border on it.

In mangla Shri Thakurji must be adorned with Aadbandh vastra. The whole day in all bhogs, Sathva Samagri is a must.

Today abhyang is done. Vastra is white malmal pichoda with kesari border. White Kuleh with Kesari design and silver border and 3 chandrika's jod, thada

vastra kesari. Ornaments are of moti, kundal of diamonds and shringaar of vanmala.

Also on this auspious day a vaishnav should offer thakurji with mixed Sathava, Seed Laddu, Charoli Laddu, Mishri panna, Sugar Panna and wet channa dal

also he should be adrone with food items made up from Milk, Curd rice, Keri Murabba.

After offering Rajhog chandan must be made. The water must be drained from it and it must be mixed with kesar, kasturi, Baras, Chova, Khus, kevda attar

and Rose Water and make round balls out of it.
Kunja must be placed and also a gulabdani filled with rose water.

After Rajbhog is partaken by Thakurji he should be adrone with Malaji and then chandan.

First, a chandan ball must be placed on the right shrihast(hand) of shri thakurji and then one on the left shrihast. Then, one chandan ball on right charan and

one on the left charan. Also one chandan ball on the vaksha (chest) of Shri Thakurji.

Also fan must be done with hands.

A water filled big plate must be kept in front of Singhasan, in which the chandan toys must be put along with boat and flowers. A water fountain must also

be placed.

In utthapan the chandan balls applied to Shri Thakurji, which must have dried, must be again made wet with rose water.


once upon a time there was a king named Raja Mansingh who planned to visit all the temple in Mathura and Vraj. All the temple were highly decorated

and also the Idol of the Lord were adroned with heavy ornament and clothes during summer season. When he started visiting temple he was amazed and

shocked looking at the pain give to lord just to make him feel happy.

After visiting all the temple, in the evening he reached Girirajji where darshan for Utthapan and Sandhya Aarti was open.
After entering the temple his

heart felt relaxed and happy looking at the seva which was offered to Thakurji.

The Idol of Thakuji were adrone with Rose water, Chandan, Khus, Kevda which made the environment of the temple relaxed and pleasant. Thakurji were

also donne with Light clothes. Also there was a fountain placed in front of the Throne (Sighasan) of Thakurji.

He understood that in Vallabh Marg happiness of God is first taken care than Raja's hapiness.

The Seva in which Shri Thakurji's happiness is taken care of, is the real seva.

Translation and Photographs from Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan Ki

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Vaishakh Sud 3 - Akshay Tritiya
Raag Sarang

Chandanhi Ki Kunj Banai,

Chandan Chirke Gaadi Takiya, Chandan Sej Bichai----------(1)

Chandan Chirke Paag Pichora, Chandan Chirki Saari,

Chandan Hi Ko Lep Kiye Tan, Shri Vitthal Giridhari---------(2)
Shriji in Akshay Tritiya's Shringaar
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